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Practising in and around Guilford, Surrey.

Rebecca is a qualified NNEB nursery nurse with over 20 years experience, who has gone on to specialise with newborns. 

Rebecca has taken a very keen interest in helping women to breastfeed. Including a role as a breastfeeding support worker on a maternity ward, volunteering at the Royal Surrey County Hospital breastfeeding drop in clinic and working full time as a maternity nurse. 

Using her knowledge, instinct and calm nature she has reassured and helped hundreds of women to continue their breastfeeding journey. 

Lucy has worked as a registered nurse for over 30 years promoting women’s health all over the world, including the NHS.

She is now a practising birth doula and a hypnobirthing instructor. 


She completed the On-line Mother and Baby International Feeding Course in 2014.

For 9 years she has volunteered at the Royal Surrey Hospital in the breast-feeding drop-in clinic alongside Rebecca.

She brings a deep understanding of the needs of a breast feeding Mum and a passion to support and encourage confidence.

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Holistic approach to breastfeeding

Welcome to Hypno Breastfeeding.
Just as you have birthed your baby using everything you learned while pregnant, the focus now shifts to nourishing your tiny growing baby.
Having a baby is exhilarating, all consuming and life changing. Lots and lots of parents join all kinds of antenatal classes to learn everything there is to know about birth. Familiarising themselves with different aspects of labour, using breathing techniques, discovering tools to alleviate the intensity, different positions for birth and becoming more informed as to their choices.
And then, when birth is over and you have a tiny baby who is bewildered and bewildering...and hungry..
Now what? Did you know that your breastfeeding journey starts antenatally?


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