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Hypno Breastfeeding will teach you what to expect as a brand new parent focusing on the early weeks of your journey as a parent. Starting antenatally and continuing with physical support when your baby is here.

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Two, 2 hour sessions taught antenatally. Either in your home or at Lucy private venue near Guildford. Additionally this includes two postnatal visits with on going support.
Cost £100, plus mileage depending on your location.

This 3 hour session will focus on understanding how to get your baby and you off to a good start and how your partner can get involved. We will be looking at the dynamics of lactation, the mind and body connection, creating the external womb, breathing and relaxation, tackling the fear and an awareness of the roles that the hormones play.

Including from the moment your baby is born, establishing a deep latch, frequency of feeds, the middle of the night time feeds and how to tell if things are not progressing.

We want pain free feeding and our aim is to create confidence in Mum and a happy, content growing baby.


One visit of approx 90 minutes to your home. Cost £60, plus mileage depending on your location.

We are available to come to you after your baby is born, in your own home, and offer physical guidance. This is available to those who have not attended our antenatal session.

This is also available to those needing additional support. So when you are home alone with your baby you can confidently continue using the tools and techniques discussed in our antenatal session.

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